Running a business costs money— for every candidate you hire, there is A financial risk. A survey showed that each bad hire that results from termination or resignation can cost a company up to thirteen times his annual pay. It is understandable, then, that employers want to make sure they find the perfect candidate for every  opportunity they offer.

There are hundreds of firms that offer recruitment services to assist this need. What sets each of these companies apart is what they value. It is important that the  employer and recruitment company are guided by the same principle that results to the best hire—a high-quality and happy worker.


JobsContaQ does not cater to all kinds of manpower requirements. We  specialize in specific professional fields to enable us to deliver a much more sophisticated level of operation compared to the others. A more focused market guarantees a highly refined process of candidate selection, and the customized servicing of our employer clients.

Our success is made possible by investing in four areas:

  • We invest in our Candidates:We go beyond pooling resumés. We research and access specific markets where the best candidates may be found. We rate each candidate’s skills and experience using global professional selection standards. We provide guidance to their professional growth and clarify their occupational goals, and introduce them to suitable companies be a part of. A perfect match leads to employee satisfaction, which results to higher productivity and lower workforce turnover.
  • We invest in Our Technology:To make the screening processes efficient and accurate, we invest in the tools that we use to access, invite, select, grade and match skilled candidates. We have customized recruitment programs powering our operation. Along with our vast industries network, we are also very active in the online world to ensure we maximize visibility and potential sources of candidates to whom we can introduce client opportunities. With all these   technological arsenal, it makes identifying qualified professionals efficient and immediate.
  • We invest in our Team:  We pride ourselves with our expertise in our specific    industries we specialize in and the ever expanding the network we enjoy. We demand from ourselves resourcefulness and creativity in our marketing  campaigns. We continuously upgrade our business practices to deliver ethical and professional services to both applicants and employers. Having had exceptional relationships with a variety of clients, from small/medium enterprises to agencies of the Sultanate of Oman, under our belts from experience, we continue to uphold high standards of professionalism in how we conduct business.
  • We invest in Our Clients: We specialize in the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC) and soon to expand operations in the Middle East region. Not only do we focus on our candidates, we also meticulously study all aspects of the region we cater to; we study their nature of business and its practices. We believe that to understand our client’s practices and culture is the way to truly understand their needs.  From there, we design a tailor-made recruitment plan to best achieve our client’s goals.